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    Is fresh, pure indoor air quality important to you?

    Do odors from cooking and other sources tend to linger in your home?

    Do you notice unwelcome odors when your HVAC system turns on?

    Is your home in the prime mold/microbial growth range of temperatures between 77F-88F?

    Do you have children or elderly residents that are susceptible to common bacteria/viral infections?

    Are you continually spending money on chemicals to sanitize your kitchen, bathroom and living area surfaces?

    Are you looking to combat in home transferring of airborne illness (ie. Flue Season)?

    Does anyone in your household smoke?

    Do you have pets in your home?

    Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies, asthma or breathing difficulties brought on by airborne particulate (ie. Pollen, pet dander and dust)?

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